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The New Truth About The Source OF Covid-19

There really is no polite way to deal with issues such as the one which I’m going to shed a little light on here. We either all know, or suspect, that our governments do not tell the truth, or at best the whole truth. The odd thing is, that the people – and I mean all the people - politely put up with this. Why is that? We’ll leave the answer to that question - or possible answer - for another day. The purpose of this post is to share a video by an American, who’s been living in China for the past 10+ years. He speaks fluent Chinese, is married to a Chinese woman and understands the culture and the political system very well indeed. What he has to say, in this video [A], refers to the apparent real source of the virus, rather than the government’s own official story on the subject. His own casual investigation uncovered contradictory versions of that official story. The uncovered apparent distortion of truth is perhaps not overly serious, but it does demonstrate the propensity to distort the truth in all things, just to get the official story in the best possible light. It’s a good watch…[10min] The purpose of this post is really to shed light on an alternative truth about the source of the Covid-19 virus. But in doing so, it naturally raises the question about truth itself. Now, we all have a view about the Chinese government, or the CCP as the American refers to them. We also have a view about the Russian equivalent and any number of other governments - and I’m not excluding the US government in this frame. But the UK government is not guilt free either. And interestingly, we all know this – but we all accept it. The answer to this question has always puzzled me. Why do we? You would be forgiven for thinking now that maybe I’m some kind of activist. I am however just simply mentioning the idea that governments are not always truthful – and as I said before – all of us know this. If I made these comments in some parts of the world of course, I would expect a visit from the suits – or the uniformed and even expect a holiday in a camp somewhere. The American in a previous film of his [link below] tells his own innocent story. The people of the UK are still currently and largely free of this risk, I think. The truth is, alternative or otherwise, I’m not an activist in the sense that most people think of one. I’m more of a thinker and someone who is prone to question and perhaps, occasionally, to question publicly - like here. The secondary purpose then behind this post about Covid-19, is this thing called TRUTH. I simply suggest to you – keep it in mind about everything. It’s relevant to everything we are told, everything we are shown and everything we read. Don’t be overly suspicious about all this, but just discerning. Accept what you are told, see and hear, but just leave the door ajar on the truth idea. At this time, it is more important than almost ever before! Note:

The Wuhan wet markets have now been reopened This might suggest the Chinese government is happy they are not the source See Vox video link below Author: David Swettenham LINKS American’s video [A][01apr20]: Source of the virus Guardian Article [09apr20]: How did the Coronavirus start Vox video [06mar20]: How wildlife trade is linked to Coronavirus Background look at China American’s video [B][05apr20]: China is Getting Worse American’s video [C][Sep19]: Why I changed My Opinion on China



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