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Who's Connected With These People?

If anyone has read about the principle of SIX Degrees of Separation, they will understand the concept. That is, the concept which suggests that we are all just SIX connections away from everyone / anyone on this planet of ours. Wow – can that be real? Well it seems so. There have been TED talks on the subject, science studies on the subject, social media platforms built around the subject and even a film made about the subject. [actually discount that last one – trailer not great – but does have truly good actors]. The point of mentioning this, is that I want to put the theory to the test - right here and right now. Everyone can do this - And it’s easy… So, here’s the thing - the focus. In this CRISIS time of ours there are, as we know, a great number of very vulnerable people in our society – and even cases within our own small community in Tetbury. There are people with no homes – and people on the verge of losing their homes There are people with no food – there are others who will shortly have no food There are people with poor mental health – and others who are losing theirs The partnership Pireaus M3 has been building platforms to help charities raise funds for their particular cause. An offshoot of this, and brought about by the C-19 pandemic, involves a nationwide fundraising campaign to help some of the charities most in need. They include 13 charities engaged specifically in the following areas:

Homelessness | Mental Health | Food Banks Now for the test. So, the question - can people of Tetbury and their friends demonstrate the principle of SIX Degrees of Separation? Specifically,

can you help us connect with High Profiled individuals who might help with this - a Nationwide Fundraising Campaign raising funds for 13 charities helping others? They might be actors, presenters, authors, playwrights, comedians or singers. They might be anyone with wide public recognition from TV, stage or film and warm to deliver a charity centred message perhaps even on YOUR own Facebook page and many others. Think Lenny Henry, Gary Barlow or Bob Geldorf, as examples We could also use local news presenters and writers.

So. Who do you know directly? Who do you know, who knows someone, directly OR indirectly? Who do you know indirectly - but don’t know that yet – but will when you test the theory! We could all see who we know – indirectly or otherwise – by just putting the word out Please share on Facebook and your other platforms. Let us know who you know and let’s see how many connections it takes to make a difference and prove a theory AND help charity!

Do watch the video below [4min] on the theory!

3 WAYS TO REPORT BACK RESULTS Email: LIKE: Pireaus-M3 Facebook page LIKE: Connect-M3 Facebook page We will then respond to each response to discover what we you have discovered. We will publish results at the month end BELIEVE IN BETTER Author: David Swettenham CONNECTIONS Six Degrees of Separation [4min]


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