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Young Writers Project 


The founders of CONNECT have a passion for many things in life - and among them, sitting high on the list - is assisting the progression and development of young people.


So it is then, that under the umbrella of the CONNECT franchise - launched in Tetbury as our flagship platform, we are excited to bring together the passions we hold most dear to us.


We bring together communication at different levels and forms, to share interesting stories and insights into areas of common interest - spotlighting news, both local and from around the world - and providing a platform to encourage the development and contribution of Young Writers.    

We are delighted to launch this Schools Initiative which we believe will deliver positive and lasting benefits to all those students who participate.

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We are pleased to summarise below what the Schools Initiative is about and how it can help encourage the development of Young Writers.


And for Young Writers, we set a low age bar. 
We are eager for seniors in primary schools to be involved as well as students in senior

A brief outline...


It's an opportunity for students to be:

Writers and Journalists
Readers and Researchers
Presenters and Broadcasters

on a real-world community platform


This Project is: 


Student led
Skills focused

Confidence building

Real-world experience giving


What will students do?: 


Write fiction - short stories - and poetry

Or as citizen journalists...

Investigate and research news stories 
Write news stories from their own perspective
Write editorial features on subjects of interest Conduct interviews with their peers and others

either face-2-face or remotely


Benefits for students include: 


Confidence building through communication 
Development of complementary skills

investigative and analytical

communicating and interviewing

literacy and planning - and much more!

Giving evidence of skills and competencies 

Team working leading to professional outputs 

Experience of real-world publication of work

A strong PR story for students - and schools


The role of CONNECT in the Project: 


CONNECT will provide support:

By assisting the student group

in organising and selecting content

By connecting students with

spokespeople and other commentators

By coaching the student group

in creating high quality published content


CONNECT is proud to support 

Music - Drama and Dance in schools



Descriptive writing, narrative writing, and writing to express a clear, reasoned and engaging viewpoint.


Real-world connection with local history, providing opportunities to research and interview historians, older citizens and commentators.


Taking a subject of interest and explaining it to the layman through the translation of scientific terminology and principles into everyday common language.


Application of all learned skills in a real-world setting. It brings together a mix of learned abilities - in design, layout, the written word and communication generally - through the analysis of potential content and how best to deliver that content to the wider world.  

Research and interrogation of evidence, the debate and evaluation of viewpoints, and the presentation of reasoned arguments. 


These elements we feel will have increasing value over the coming years helping us to navigate a successful path to a sustainable future.


We have highlighted the main and obvious curriculum subjects to place a tick against.  We are though very aware that the positive effects of the Schools Initiative may go much wider than we can imagine right now.  The mid-term results - in the form of feedback from students and teachers alike - we are certain - will be interesting.


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