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Welcome to CONNECT.

You will have arrived on this page out of curiosity or perhaps you've been recommended to take a look by someone whose judgement you value.


If you are looking to read more articles of the style you've perhaps already seen, then we present here these two example options:  

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If you are curious to explore a CONNECT website - to better understand how we look to promote local businesses and share news - news covering local things and particularly non-mainstream international things - then we present for your this option: 

Click the image to enter TetburyCONNECT-M3

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You may have arrived on this page because someone has suggested there's an opportunity which might interest you - and they might be right.

We invite you to consider one or both of the following potentials:

ONE : To become part of our CONNECT writers' team

We are looking to recruit writers to cover a broad range of subjects.

Writers do not need to be writing professionally already.

It's enthusiam for communicating that we are really looking for.

Writers - or 2b writers - will demonstrate this via their writing skill.

And the subjects covered? - well, effectively nothing is excluded.

But we do have some favourite mainstream subjects to share.

If this could appeal to you, then email us to start a conversation.

A conversation about being part of The People's media.

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TWO : To become part of our CONNECT business team

We are looking for enterprising individuals and even non-profits.

We will shortly be offering a unique business opportunity. 

An opportunity to work for yourself, from your own base.

Pursuing a model based on news and business support.

It will mean having control of your own CONNECT website.

And for non-profits - it's a great fund generating opportunity. 

If this could appeal to you, then email us to start a conversation.

A conversation about being financially independent, whilst - at the same time - helping people connect in this world of ours. 

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