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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you



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You only have to dip into the following Options Menu to see.  And despite being a small town of approx 10k pop, we could say we are blessed.   

Something which all of us are prone to do, at one time or another, is take for granted what we have in life.


This facet of our being is very true of where we live in the world.  That truth being, those who live in and around Tetbury live in a beautiful place, positioned as it is in a very special region of England, called the Cotswolds.

The countryside around us is lush and perfect for enjoying the outdoors.  Our town is smart, historic and is a great place for a stroll around, shopping or socialising.  

And looking below the surface, we have some wonderful activities, events, social and sports groups offering so much to enjoy.  


Added to all the above, we are well resourced with purveyors of fine foods and wines and looked after by skilled craftsmen and trades people of all types. 

What a truly special place we live in.

We count our blessings, appeciating what we have to enjoy, as well as what we have to offer others.

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