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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you



It was a rather neat concept, we thought, when we first conceived it over a Whisky Mac one Wednesday evening.

A website focused on the community, on getting to know not just Tetbury but, more importantly, the people in and around Tetbury.  Yes, an online one-stop shop for all things Tetbury - of course!  Moreover, a website with multiple links to other useful sites but quite different from all of them - with content that doesn't take itself too seriously.

The next morning, the fuzziness had gone, but it had been replaced with a new clarity and a possible gem of an idea.

That idea would be to help bring people together - people sharing with people about the things that interest them and the things that matter to them.  Things such as new initiatives in the town - and who is driving them -to what is going on out of town and how it might affect them.  Things that simply interest, random things, including in particular things outside the mainstream media. 

We thought the site would be truly Community based in a way not seen before - offering the obvious but - going much, much further.  Community is about people and people would be the focus - giving new focus on old values.

Old values renewed, you might say.  

We decided to name it Tetbury CONNECT.

So here it is. Probably nowhere near the finished article yet, but moving in that direction.

We hope you like it - so far!

PS Tell us what you think!


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...about Pireaus M3

and founders David and Helen.

One of the proudest achievements, in our lives to date, has been improving the life chances of thousands of children in Africa.  We did this by delivering 14,000 bicycles to remote schools, giving students better access to their learning.


Today, we are still involved with Africa – working to provide benefits to children through improved education delivery – among other charitable endeavours which drive our passions for life.

After all, we’re all here to help others and to leave something better and lasting behind.



Because CONNECT is for our Community, focused on the people in our Community, we are inviting everyone to have their say.

Make a comment about anything.

Share your beef with everyone - as sure as eggs are eggs - you won't be alone in how you feel.

Make a compliment to someone.

We all respond well to a bit of kindness shown and the occasional appreciative thanks.

Share with everyone your thoughts and ideas about anything.

The world is in a state of flux currently and will be for some time.

And because no one holds the franchise on the good ideas

- and certainly not those holding the purse strings - we all have a part to play, every one of us!

So, what's yours?




Its role is to facilitate - in an informative, light-hearted and often humorous way - the connection of all persons, groups and businesses within the Tetbury community.


Additionally, the connection goes far beyond...

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